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Don’t ruin my staycation with your vacation!

-your neighbour or family member

There is so much to do before you go away on vacation. One of the hardest and last things to do before you go is finding someone to check on your home for you.

Usually you reluctantly ask a family member or neighbour with the tired reward of a box of chocolates or a shot glass! It’s not fun for them and you feel bad asking!

We have a better idea. call Clearskies for your home check services! We offer a list of services designed to satisfy home insurance requirements. Most require a physical check on the home every 72 hours. (please check with your own insurance to be clear on your terms). Your peace of mind is paramount to the services we can provide.

We want you to be able to detach from home and truly live in the moment that is your well deserved vacation. Whether its enjoying that daiquiri on the beach or sinking that putt, you can focus completely on the task at hand knowing that Clearskies is checking on your home while you are away.

We can happily customize home check packages to your specific needs.

basic package includes (starting at $35 per visit)
-logbook detailing times and tasks completed
-exterior perimeter walk around.(checking for signs of vandalism/forced entry)
-bring in mail and flyers and leave in area as directed.
-visual check of all rooms. (checking for flooding in basement)
-physical check of doors and windows
-check fridge and freezers for proper functioning
-adjust lighting and blinds as requested
-flush toilets and run all taps

Additional services available- (prices vary on services chosen)
-watering indoor plants
-feeding fish or small animals
-snow removal as necessary
-welcome home grocery service
-snowstorm checks (check basements etc)
-custom requests.

We will also be happy to email or call you while you are away and give you updates on your home. You will love knowing that everything is as it should be and that your home is being taken care of while you are away.

Clearskies has proper insurance coverage for home checks through Foster Park Baskett Insurance. We will happily show documentation.
Curious as to who exactly will be watching over your home, find out more about Seth Glick.

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