Nine Gutter Cleaning Tips for Your Edmonton Home

Winter is coming.  As with every year, there are some necessary tasks that must be done to ensure a home or building in Edmonton is prepared for the upcoming freeze.

The fallen leaves and gutter guck from the spring and summer are sitting in your tracks blocking the water from draining properly.   It is important to have your gutters cleaned before the temperature drops.

Here is a scenario of what happens quite often with gutters in Edmonton.

The water and debris stuck in your gutters will freeze, placing more weight on the gutter tracks. Over time, this reduces the functionality of the gutter system.   Then during the thaw cycles your gutters will not be draining properly and all that water will splash over onto the walls of your house, running down to the  foundation, and possibly collect into the basement.  The filthy debris can also splash onto your siding and fascia, with the potential of seeping under the roof shingles, which can cause leaking into your Edmonton home as well!  You do not want this to happen.


Cleaning out gutters can be a very dangerous job if you are not used to working with a ladder.

Here are 9 tips that you MUST read before trying to clean your own gutters:

1. Always check over your ladder before using it. Don’t use your ladder if it has been sitting in the yard for years, is twisted or warped, too old, or broken. Make sure it works properly.

2. Never clean your gutters by yourself! It will be boring and lonely for starters!  Always make sure you have another person with you to hold the ladder and spot you while you work.

3. Make sure the ladder is placed properly against the house.   For every 4 feet of height, the ladder should be 1 foot out from the side of the house. If your ladder is too steep your weight will not be distributed evenly and it will be unstable.

4. Your ladder should not be more than 3 or4 feet above your roof. Too much overhang will cause the ladder to bend in the middle.

5. Don’t reach! Always keep 3 points of contact on the ladder (2 feet, 1 hand or 2 hands, 1 foot) Keep your belt buckle between the side rails of the ladder at all time.

6. Don’t Rush!  Trying to save a few minutes by reaching or stretching to far? It is not worth it

7. Never step above than the specified highest rung on a ladder.

8. Trust your gut! Never do anything you are not comfortable with. If you feel unsafe, stop what you are doing to adjust the ladder and re-examine the situation.

9, Watch out for power lines!   Be wary of whats around you as you work!



Bonus Tip ——–Remember to be safe. You will know what you are comfortable with!



If you are having trouble with tackling your own gutter cleaning in Edmonton, send a text or call me at 780.995.1181,  it is so easy to have Clearskies help you this fall with your gutter cleaning.


Remember – Your forecast calls for Clearskies!


Have a fun day,

Seth Glick. Chief Friendliness Officer



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