Edmonton Commercial Window Cleaning

An Edmonton Business Owner’s Guide To Choosing Your Professional Window Cleaning Contractor.

Many Edmonton business owners love having their windows professionally cleaned, but wonder what’s so different about hiring Clear Skies Window & Gutter Cleaning instead of another local window cleaning company. Here’s a quick overview:

The Others Guys (them)

When you call one of our competitors, they’ll send someone out to clean your windows.

Clear Skies Window & Gutter Cleaning (us)

When you call Clear Skies Window Cleaning, a friendly, knowledgeable staff member will answer the phone, introduce themselves by name, and listen to what you need before suggesting the right service package to best suit your home and budget.

When the friendly crew of fully-trained and authorized cleaning technicians arrive, they’ll again introduce themselves in person, by name, and walk you through the service plan for your unique commercial property, so that you know what to expect (where they will start, where they will end, which windows should be done first and last). Once you have a good idea of what’s about to happen, they’ll remove the ladders and equipment from the clean and well-maintained Clear Skies Window Cleaning vehicle, and individually suit up with excellent condition, professional-grade window cleaning tools.

Careful to respect your plantings and garden, and with the steady hand of experienced technicians, they will restore not only your glass, but also your window frames and window sills, at no extra charge. Once your Edmonton business’ windows look and feel amazing again, the friendly and responsible crew leader will inform you that the work was completed as agreed upon, and invite you to inspect it, to make sure you are completely satisfied. In the event that you the cleaning occurs outside of business hours, you’ll receive a text notification to let you know that the crew has finished, inviting you to take a close look when you open up shop.

At the end of the day, unless you are absolutely, completely, 100% satisfied with not only the window cleaning workmanship you’ve received, but your entire service experience with Clear Skies Window Cleaning, you won’t pay a dime. Sound fair?

Does Clear Skies Window & Gutter Cleaning sound like the kind of window cleaning company that a person like you would choose to do business with?

If you think so, please call or text 780.995.1181 right now to receive a customized, free estimate for the window cleaning needs of your unique Edmonton, Alberta business.

There is no obligation, and we’ll get back to you in 5 minutes or less. Why not call or text 780.995.1181 right now?

Getting the windows professionally cleaned at your place of business is more affordable than you think!

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